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GAON GATHANA SAMITI is a legally registered NGO in Udaipur working for the betterment and rehabilitation of the specially-abled and impoverished. The registration number of the NGO is 22575/165, Registered under society act 1860 In Cuttack District , Odisha.

Donating money to a charitable organization like ours is beneficial in many ways not only for the underprivileged but also for the donors. One of the benefits is a 50% tax exemption. If you donate money to our charitable trust, you get tax benefits, as we are registered under section 12A of the Income Tax Act and eligible for tax deduction under section 80G.

Donor Information Privacy Policy at our online donation charity platform

We take our payer’s privacy very seriously and ensure that their information is secure with us and that no third-party sources have access to them.

Our privacy policy includes

In accordance with the Information Privacy Policy, no personal information of the donors concerned is disclosed to anyone.

The amount received as the donation is used only for welfare activities of destitute, physically challenged and needy people.

Apart from the privacy policy, other online donation policies with us are as follows

Donation Receipt policy

The details of the transaction are to be emailed to our email address ( donation is to be directly transferred to the account of ‘GAON GATHANA SAMITI’, Cuttack. As per the donation policy, the donation receipt along with other relevant documents is sent to the donors at the address requested by them.

Refund and Cancellation Policy Refunds for Cancelled Transactions:

Case 1: Double transaction or wrong amount entered: –Request mail required to be sent to mail ID with a valid reason. After verifying the details of the transaction and justifying the reason with respect to the gift acceptance policy, the amount as received is refunded and the transaction charges shall be borne by the concerned donor. The said process completes within 30 days of the date on which ‘the request mail’ has been received.

Case 2: If any transaction is cancelled by the user during the processing period and the amount is not credited to the account of the NGO but has been debited from the user account:- GAON GATHANA SAMITI  is not at all responsible for a refund for the same. The matter has to be resolved by the user with their bank/merchant. The Organization shall resolve the matter up to the extent of its limit. For this, the donor is kindly requested to email their concern to NGO at

1. How can I donate money online?

There are various ways available to donate money online. All you need to do is visit the chosen NGO’s website to donate money and check the online payment modes available. Some of the common ones include net banking, debit card, and UPI transactions.

2. What is the best online fundraising platform?

GAON GATHANA SAMITI is one of the best online donation platforms that seek help from the privileged individuals to be able to raise funds that are further utilized to uplift and empower the economically weaker section of the society.

3. Which is the best Online Donation Tools For Non-profits?

There various options made available by online donation platforms of Non-profit organizations. These include net banking, debit cards, and the most popular UPI transaction. These are to enable quick and hassle-free process of making online donations for people living in different geographical backgrounds than the location of the NGO.

4. What is the best way to accept donations online?

Online donation platforms offer a number of ways for people willing to support to transfer funds without any hassle. While of the online transfer options like debit card, net banking are considered safe and effective, the most popular one today is UPI. There are mobile applications like Paytm along with the respective bank applications that enable users to conveniently make UPI transactions without any worry.

5. Tips to Help Non-profits Get Donations Online?

NGOs are known to public as charitable organizations who seek help from the privileged class to support that in need. There are several ways that can help these organization raise donations for charity, be it online or offline. These include volunteers, crowd funding, corporate events, social media, and reaching out to high net worth individuals. The following ways are considered effective by NGO to receive optimum donations for charity, be it online or offline

6. How can I get donation for Ngo?

There are several options like fundraising, charitable events, etc. for people willing to support charitable organizations for the cause(s) close to their heart. Online donation for NGOs is one of the quick and hassle-free options that do not restrict a person due to time or geographic location. Further, in times like COVID-19 pandemic where the government has made social distancing mandatory to prevent the spread of infection, online donation for NGOs has become a convenient way to help those in need without having to think about accessibility or safety.

7. Is it safe to donate online?

Yes, it is completely safe to make online donations, however, subject to the reliability and trust on the chosen charitable organization. Plus, one should also check for the secure payment options offered by the organization to enable online donations for the people willing to donate.

8. What is the best online fundraising platform?

Online charity donation platforms like GAON GATHANA SAMITI allow people to easily pick a cause close to their heart and make the donation online. The online money transfer to the charity donation platforms can either be done through net banking, debit card, or UPI transfers from brank applications or Paytm. All this makes the process convenient and hassle-free, resulting in timely support to the beneficiaries.

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